Matt Zagorski leaves Hickory Lane

Matt Zagorski at Feastival 2012. MICHAEL KLEIN /

Matt Zagorski has left his post as executive chef at Hickory Lane, across from Eastern State Pen in Fairmount, which he opened in early 2012.

He's landed with GuestCounts Hospitality, aka Cuba Libre.

Despite his fine-dining background (Striped Bass, Lacroix), Zagorski is perhaps best known for burgers (from his stints at Rouge and 500º).

Hickory Lane owner Jim Kernaghan says Trevor Martin, who worked at Zagorski's side for a year, is now the chef.

Prices have dropped a touch, and most entrees are $20 and under, Kernaghan said.



Photo: *Not to be confused with former Phillies pitcher Mike Zagurski.