Something new, at Maru Global

Shrimp takoyaki at Maru Global. (Photo: DAVID M WARREN)

The first week of February* will mark the public opening of Maru Global (255 S. 10th St., 267-273-0567), a casual quick-serve in a storefront between Locust and Spruce, whose menu is focused on takoyaki, the puffy, bite-size, fried crepe balls, topped with sweet sauce.

The Japanese street food is traditionally studded with octopus, but Tokyo-born chef Ryo Igarashi and his wife, Nicole, both local restaurant veterans, are offering multiple varieties, including Philly cheesesteak, pizza, spicy shrimp, BBQ, and sweet-and-sour miso. The original, based on chopped scallion and red ginger, can be made to order with shrimp, chicken, sirloin, or -- yes -- octopus. They're sold six for $3.25.

They're also serving rice dishes, a stir-fry ramen dish known as yakisoba, and an assortment of salads, such as a Japanese Caesar, tofu and tomato, octopus, and wild seaweed, plus hand-cut fries.

Due to technical limitations, I have displayed the inside of the menu. The menu's outside, which describes bento boxes and meal combinations and provides hours, is here.

* Opening date was pushed back