Main Line closer to getting a taco truck


Using the social-media fundraising service Lucky Ant, Verdad chef-owner Nick Farina raised his $8,000 goal toward a food truck.

The $8,000 will cover just a portion of the start-up tab for the Bryn Mawr-based taco truck, which he hopes to get rolling on the streets this fall.

Farina sold naming rights for custom-designed tacos, which comes with free unlimited tacos for a month; use of the truck for private events; a Villanova graduation feast for up to eight guests; a Cinco de Mayo celebration complete with a DJ and piñatas at a  home or office; tickets to Verdad’s "Tequila University"; discounts on food; gift certificates; and free tacos for life. 

Lucky Ant - founded by Penn grads - raised $8,500 for equipment and materials necessary to finish ReAnimator Coffee’s new Fishtown roasting facility; raised $7,000 for Media-based Rockdale Music Studio; and just raised $10,000 for Hot Diggity’s forthcoming hot dog truck.