Maido! leaving Narberth for Ardmore

Maido's location of 10 years, at 36 N. Narberth Ave.

Maido!, the region's only Japanese-owned grocery and a nexis of the area's Japanese community, will leave its space in Narberth this fall as it relocates to downtown Ardmore.

Founder Seiko Dailey said the new location, opening in October or November, was the corner of Lancaster and Anderson Avenues, in a building that has hosted a series of businesses, including a furniture store and local campaign headquarters for Barack Obama.

The new location is one and a half times the size of her Narberth Avenue store, which opened 10 years ago. That alone was not the reason for the move.

"Narberth is a wonderful town, but it's started to get a little expensive to stay," she said. "We don't have that much foot traffic. Unless people know we are here, they do not come in by accident. This was a tough decision to make because we have such a wonderful relationship with the business association."

Dailey said she would extend hours later than 7 p.m. as the larger space would allow her to expand the store's eatery.