Lucha Cartel is open in Old City

Bar at Lucha Cartel in Old City.

The Mexican cantina Lucha Cartel popped up last week at 207 Chestnut St. in Old City.

Siblings Darren and Kylie Hill of National Mechanics are behind the wildly decorated newcomer, the former home of Philadelphia Fish & Co. and Q BBQ.

Designer Kate Swan (Darren Hill's wife) luchly loosely based the atmosphere on lucha libre wrestlers and mixed in Day of the Dead.

Look up as you walk in to see a colorful lighting fixture made from tin cans. The bar's centerpiece is a 12-tap beer tower fashioned from thick truck exhaust pipes that they had dipped in bronze. Purple lighting dominates. Chairs are finished in cracked black lacquer. Church pews provide booth seating, as well.

Menu (here) is tight: nachos, tacos, quesadillas, salads, burgers, and a few entrees. It's open from 5 p.m. Wednesday to Saturday.

The dining room will open to the sidewalk deck through sliding doors.