Local comedian among those beaned by Victorino's bat

"Like a fragmentation grenade" is how South Jersey comedian Spins Nitely describes the feeling of being hit by the baseball bat that flew out of Shane Victorino's hands Sunday night.

Nitely says he was the third person to be hit by the projectile. "It hit me [in the top of the head] and went straight up in the air. Then it went east," he said, sporting a lump the morning after.

Shane Victorino loses control of his bat at the plate in the fourth inning at Sunday's Phillies-Dodgers game (Photo: Ron Cortes / Staff Photographer)

Victorino, who was clearly mortified by his slip-up, gave away two autographed bats to his victims, besides the errant one.

Nitely gave his gift to his 15-year-old son, whom he identified as Two Shows.

TBS's Craig Sager later asked him where he was hit. Nitely replied, "Section 117, Row 5."

Nitely will be back again at the game tonight. He said he'd ignore his friend's suggestion that he wear a batting helmet, saying he'd rather risk a concussion by wearing his lucky Phillies cap.