Le Bec-Fin and Perrier pop up at Vetri


It wasn't the heat. It was the memories that got Georges Perrier misty-eyed Thursday as he puttered in the kitchen of Vetri at 1312 Spruce St.

Perrier started working in that space in 1967 when he was hired at La Panetiere. In 1970, he took it over as Le Bec-Fin. In 1983, seeking greener glory, he moved LBF to 1523 Walnut St., where he remained till last year. The restaurant closed last month.

Marc Vetri, who never worked for the guy but admires him greatly, offered to turn over his kitchen. So for three nights this week - Thursday, Friday and Saturday - Vetri is reflagged "Le Bec-Fin."

The dinners are sold out.

Perrier had much help for last night's prep, including Vetri chefs Brad Spence (Amis), Adam Leonti (Vetri), and Blackfish/Mica's Chip Roman, who worked for Perrier.

Staff reviewed Perrier's cookbook to go over the menu, which included la galette de crabe - the signature crab cake. (Make them yourself. Here's the recipe.)