'Law Abiding Citizen' gearing up

The psychological thriller "Law Abiding Citizen" is due to start before the cameras Jan. 21 or thereabouts.

Stars Jamie Foxx and Gerard Butler have just arrived and today had lunch at Parc on Rittenhouse Square with director F. Gary Gray. They called in their orders beforehand: trout amandine, shrimp salad, and a half roasted chicken plus orders of seared spinach and a side of haricots vert. As two bodyguards stood nearby, those within earshot heard Butler talk about having to ask his mum for childhood photos for the film. Butler picked up the tab. (Butler was snagged by TMZ.com last night at 30th Street Station.)

This project has been an adventure. Director Frank Darabont was attached to it, and then he dropped out over the summer. Sometime recently, casting changes flipped the roles that Foxx and Butler would play. The plot: A district attorney orchestrates a plea bargain that sets free the killers of another man's family and then the agrieved victim seeks personal justice from the D.A. Now, Foxx will play the DA and Butler plays the vigilante. The trades have identified other cast members as Michael Gambon, Leslie Bibb and Colm Meaney.