Last call at Rum Bar

Adam Kanter took to Facebook to announce the closing of Rum Bar, his spirited Caribbean themer at 2005 Walnut St., after 5½ years.

Last call will be Saturday, Sept. 29.

"We were able to achieve a rare balance," he wrote. "Our concept was built to be 'Everything to some people' and what we ended up achieving was becoming 'Something to everybody.' Thank you all for this wonderful ride."

Kanter told me that he was notified that his lease was not being renewed. If he chose to move, he told me, he doesn't have the money for an extensive build-out at a new location. He said he might take a restaurant or bar job but might even join a liquor company.

One little-known story about Kanter and Rum Bar: He decided to distill his own rum in the basement. State police, tipped off by (he thinks) a former employee, paid him a visit and strongly suggested that he dump his batch. He was fined $500.

I hear that a new restaurant is being teed up for the spot. Stay tuned.