Kokopelli is shut down

Kokopelli, the bar/nightclub at 1904 Chestnut St., was shut down Thursday by the city Department of Licenses & Inspections.

A city spokeswoman said it lacked a food-prep license. I have a call out to the bar's attorney.

Kokopelli succeeded another short-lived club, Akoya, which succeeded yet another train wreck, Pearl. For many years, the address was a location of Little Pete's.

The state fined Kokopelli earlier this year for selling discounted beverages for more than two hours in a business day; at the time, this violated happy-hour laws.

Updated: Poor timing. Kokopelli is a Groupon deal today. Grouoon's terms of service promise a refund if a business shuts down. But since this closing was not voluntary (and not officially permanent), it's unclear what the next step is for buyers.

In follow-up to other recent shuttered-club news, it appears that furnishings and furniture have been removed from Swanky Bubbles, suggesting further that it is indeed done.