Kalas buried after on-field ceremony

Since Harry Kalas' death last Monday, news reports had said that his private burial would be "early next week."

But the family, which had generously participated in the public tributes to the hall of famer, decided to hold the funeral immediately after the public memorial at Citizens Bank Park. Saturday afternoon, after the singing of "High Hopes," the Phillies players placed Kalas' white casket into a hearse. The driver proceeded to Laurel Hill Cemetery, where family members and his closest friends held a graveside service. Many returned to the ballpark for the night game against the Padres.

Like his buddy Richie Ashburn, a transplanted Midwesterner who found love and respect here, Kalas will always be a part of Philly. Ashburn rests in Gladwyne, while Kalas is in Fairmount Park.


Updated (6:20 p.m.): Link to photo on Flickr.