End of the road at NBC10 for John Ogden

NBC10 traffic reporter John Ogden's final day calling gaper delays and such will be Dec. 19.
Ogden, 27, who got five and a half years out of what was supposed to be the summer job he won in a station contest,  had told the station and Traffic.com during negotiations that he wanted to pursue other opportunities.

"It was solely my decision to leave," he told me, calling the impending departure amicable. He didn't say what's next. A station rep said no replacement had been inked; Jillian Mele, Jayne Laychak and Tamara Vostok will fill in.

In an e-mail, Ogden said working at NBC10 was "an awesome experience. As a kid growing up in Northeast Philly watching the local news, I always thought one day I might be the one in front of the camera -- and with the help of viewers, I was able to make that happen. NBC10 and Traffic.com continue to be wonderful in fostering my professional career -- which they have been from the very start, and I am grateful. They have allowed me to be a public face for many organizations, including the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, the Attic Youth Center and the Philly Pride Parade -- all of which are close to my heart."