Did Jamie Foxx fight off a hotel 'visitor'?

A report on TMZ.com says the actor, here shooting a movie, was accosted in his hotel.

Sources told TMZ that on March 22, actor Jamie Foxx struggled to get an intruder out of his room at the AKA Hotel near Rittenhouse Square after the man tricked Foxx into thinking he was Beyonce Knowles' producer. Foxx tussled with him and slammed the door in his face. Nine days after the incident, the report says, Foxx's bodyguards saw the man on the street and called police.

Actor Jamie Foxx shadowboxing during a break in filming at City Hall.

Philadelphia police told me today that a man identified as Steven Taliver, 49, who gave a homeless shelter as his address, was arrested Tuesday and charged with burglary and related offenses for being in a private part of the hotel. Police would not identify the complainant.

Taliver, whose rap sheet is impressive, is due in court in June on a charge of receiving stolen property from a 2006 car theft.

Foxx has left Philly, as Law Abiding Citizen is in the can. The wrap party was Wednesday night at Lucky Strike, the bowling alley on Chestnut Street near Broad.

Foxx plays a DA in the movie, in which Gerard Butler plays a father and husband with revenge on his mind. Now that they're gone ... Butler and director F. Gary Gray also stayed at the AKA.

A spokeswoman for the hotel said she had no record of a guest with the name Jamie Foxx staying at the hotel. When asked if it was possible that Foxx had been registered under a different name, she had no further comment.

Foxx's publicist said she could not confirm, as her agency had calls out to lawyers.

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