Jamie Foxx's stalker was fresh from jail

The suspect in the stalking of Jamie Foxx had been released from jail a day or two before he showed up at the door of the actor's Rittenhouse Square penthouse suite.

Here's the chronology: Suspect Steven Taliver, 49 -- whose record of at least 15 prior arrests began a month after he turned 18, mainly for theft and car theft -- was brought to the city's Curran-Fromhold Correctional Facility on March 18 after police picked him up on an outstanding bench warrant. He had skipped court following his arrest on a 2006 auto-theft charge. Shortly after he arrived at CFCF, the bench warrant was withdrawn, and Taliver was released March 19. 

It was March 20, according to various news reports, that Taliver allegedly tried to push his way into Foxx's suite at the AKA Philadelphia after knocking on the door and claiming he was Beyonce's producer. The police report, obtained by The Inquirer, does not specify the date of the confrontation.

The police report quotes an employee at the AKA as saying that Foxx called the front desk after he slammed the door on the supect. The hotel employee said he escorted the man from the hotel and told him not to come back.

On the morning of March 22, the report said, the hotel employee again noticed the suspect in the hotel and escorted him out.

On the afternoon of March 31, the report said, a security guard working for Foxx saw the suspect in the hotel and recognized him from photos that the hotel provided. The report says that the guard escorted him from the hotel and asked him for ID. He put up a fuss and threatened to sue. The guard called police and followed him to 12th and Arch Streets.

Taliver, who gave police the address of a homeless shelter, was arrested and ended up at CFCF on April 2. Held on $250,000 bond, he awaits a preliminary hearing Tuesday on the stalking charges (burglary, criminal trespass, recklessly endangering another person, etc). His auto-theft trial is docketed for June 9.

It is not clear how Taliver knew that Foxx was staying in the hotel, although I hear that Taliver had made a food delivery to the building. 

Foxx, who was here during filming of the drama Law Abiding Citizen, is listed as the complainant on the report, dated Tuesday. Police told the media on Thursday that no complainant's name was listed on the complaint, and a hotel spokeswoman denied that a "Jamie Foxx" was registered at the hotel.

Adding a twist: In Law Abiding Citizen, Foxx played a DA vexed by a man seeking to get him.

The story broke Thursday, the day after Foxx left, on TMZ.com.

On their way out of town April 1, the producers gave $6,500 to a Philadelphia police fund for fallen officers.