See Jack work

As seen through a window at the Widener Building, Jack Nicholson (left) grins at an actress during a scene with Paul Rudd. (Photo: HughE Dillon /

Jack Nicholson and Paul Rudd have been going to work each day this week in Center City, as they star as father and son in the untitled James L. Brooks comedy that just started shooting here.

This week's work is out of sight in the Widener Building, but nearby office workers know where to look.

The cast and crew will be here into the fall, and another casting call has been announced:

They're looking for "foreign diplomats": men and women, all ethnicities, ages 35-60, who own their own national dress (i.e. saris, kufi caps, kaffiyehs, thawbs, turbans, etc.) SAG and non-union actors will be considered. Heery Casting asks applicants to email a .jpg photo of yourself wearing this national costume to Include your phone number.

(Post corrected.)