It's Pat's vs. Geno's on 'Food Feuds'

Philly stars in the debut episode of a Food Network series called Food Feuds, hosted by Iron Chef Michael Symon.

It's a look at local rivalries. Symon samples, confers with local experts, watches them work, and then announces his favorite.

Michael Symon

When Philly based producer Marc Summers was casting about the country for conflict, Pat's and Geno's cross-street turf war stood out, he said.

Pat's and Geno's -- and the rivalry between Eileen’s Special Cheesecake and Junior’s Restaurant & Bakery in New York -- will be the subject of Oct. 10's premiere; 10 p.m. Food Network. (I appear in the episode, "helping" Symon choose a favorite.)

South Philly also figures into the show's Oct. 14 episode, which features two bastions of South Philly meatballs, Villa di Roma vs. Ralph’s.