Inside Shake Shack at Drexel

Hand-cut fries at Shake Shack, 32d and Chestnut Streets.

Drexel University's Shake Shack location opens at 11 a.m. Friday, Oct. 11, at Chestnut Square, the new building at 32d and Chestnut Streets.

Those familiar with the region's first Shack - which opened in mid-2012 at 20th and Sansom Streets - will recognize most of the menu: burgers, shakes, "concrete" frozen desserts, hot dogs.

But not the fries.

One by one, Shake Shack has been ditching the frozen crinkle-cut fries born out of necessity (the original Shack in NYC's Madison Square Park had limited cooking facilities), in favor of hand-cut-on-the-premises, twice-fried spuds.

This Shack also is the first bilevel one. There are but two seats on the ground floor (a nod to ADA). The roomy, wood-clad dining room is upstairs.

The King of Prussia location, which will have hand-cut fries, opens Oct. 21. The kitchen at the Center City Shack is being retrofitted for hand-cut fries, and they should be available there later this year, a rep said.