How about shaming no-shows on Twitter?

No-shows are a thorn in the side of many restaurateurs.

They've tried demanding credit-card numbers, making repeated phone calls to confirm, and indulging in general begging.

But that doesn't stop the Entitled Ones from making reservations at two or more restaurants and showing up at one. Without calling. This leaves the "losing" restaurateur in a precarious spot if a walk-in wants the table.

The owner of L.A. restaurant Red Medicine went to social media to Tweet the full names of no-shows Saturday.

Eater L.A. has an interview with Red Medicine owner Noah Ellis, who said he tweeted the names out of frustration.

"Either restaurants are forced to overbook and make the guests (that actually showed up) wait, or they do what we do, turn away guests for some prime-time slots because they’re booked, and then have empty tables,” he said.

Weighing in on the matter was Consumerist, which posits that the tactic may backfire, as some patrons may balk at making a reservation there, even if they intend to keep it.

We've been down this road before; see this blog post from January about one restaurateur's frustration.