To this politically connected lawyer, what's the wurst that can happen?


When last heard from, longtime lawyer Michael Untermeyer was running for Philadelphia district attorney.

Now, he's getting into a different kind of frying pan:

He's opening a hot dog shop in a small building he owns near 18th and South Streets.

Though one might think he'd call it "Untermeyer Wiener," he's selected Wunder Dog (1735 South St.).

He and his advisers, including designer/architect Stuart G. Rosenberg, are on a fat-finding mission in Chicago. They've toured such dog emporiums as Vienna Beef,  Hot Doug's, and Wieners Circle.

Untermeyer, who is not giving up his law practice and insists that he is not a cook, is not sure which technique the shop will use: boiling, deep-frying, grilling, or a combination thereof.

He was inspired by a story he saw on one of the Sunday news shows about hot dogs in Mexico. "I said to myself, 'I have this space on South St. Why don't I do a place that can be exciting?' " he said.

The design will be edgy and memorable. "I want to have the experience of a small store where they walk in and say, 'This is really a cool place,' " he said, mentioning Sketch in London as an example.

He thinks it's six months out.