Hop to it: Name that beer

The Philadelphia Science Festival is back for a second year (April 20-29), and again Yards Brewing will whip up a special beer - a Weizenbock - to be served at participating bars and events.

Last year, Yards brewed a Belgian strong ale (E=MC Beered). It was only available on tap and quickly sold out. This year, the beer will also be bottled and the batch will be much larger.

The special beer needs a name, and so festival organizers are putting it out to a vote here at philly.com. Your choices are: 

Heisenberg's Drunken Principle

Avogadro's Numbeer

Bucky Ball Bock

German String Beer-y

Science FestivALE

Atom Blonde

Voting closes at 10 a.m. Feb. 9.

Click here to vote