Same-day home delivery of wine and booze?


You can get same-day delivery of groceries, but not a fifth of Scotch or several bottles of wine (in Pennsylvania, at least).

Instacart, the new-to-Philadelphia grocery-delivery service, wants to do just that.

I noticed that Instacart just filed with the state Liquor Control Board for a transporter-for-hire license.

"IA" licensees typically work for larger bars and restaurants that don't want to shlep down to the LCB warehouse for their wine-and-spirit orders. They're basically delivery companies with a license to carry hootch. They cannot resell, a spokeswoman said.

Although a rep for Instacart declined to detail the level of service it will offer, she said Instacart delivers alcohol in other cities. That is, the customers buy the alcohol, and Instacart merely makes the delivery. Coupled with a grocery delivery with one of Instacart's affiliated markets, it would be a one-stop shop. 

Delivering to consumers in Pennsylvania, though, could be a challenge simply because it's never been done before. The filing is so new, no testimony has yet been taken.

For more on Instacart, which hires freelance shoppers to go to the supermarket for you, see Inquirer reporter Chris Hepp's piece here.