Bon Appetit: High Street is #2 new restaurant in U.S.

Baker Alex Bois (left), owner Ellen Yin and chef Eli Kulp at High Street on Market.

High Street on Market - the casual next-door offshoot of Old City's Fork (at 308 Market St.) - has been named the No. 2 new restaurant in the United States by Bon Appétit magazine.

The magazine sent Andrew Knowlton on cross-country eating trips. His list of 50 top restaurants was culled to a "hot 10."  Serpico - Peter Serpico's edgy American on South Street - was part of that short list.

No. 1 on Bon Appetit's list is Rose's Luxury in Washington, D.C.

Of High Street, Knowlton blurbed: "Dare anyone who has jumped on the gluten-free bandwagon (without a doctor’s note) to eat at High Street on Market and still call himself gluten-intolerant. You don’t stand a chance. Know why? Because chef Eli Kulp basically built this restaurant around head baker Alex Bois’ superstar bread program."

Knowlton offered big praise for the breakfast sandwiches, specifically the Forager, and the lunchtime “Best Grilled Cheese Ever." 

He wrote: If "you are wondering if the No. 2 restaurant on this year’s list got here on its dough alone, the answer is - unequivocally and emphaticaIlly - a very carby yes."

Bois, 27, is a native Bostonian who worked at New York City's Sullivan Street Bakery before following Kulp to Philly.

The feature is here.