Han Dynasty spinoff is planned for Rittenhouse

The future Asian restaurant, tentatively called Dan Dan Seafood, at 126 S. 16th St.

Chinese options in Rittenhouse are about to expand.

Yes, Susanna Foo and her son Gabe are constructing the upmarket Suga at 1720 Sansom St., which will bring chef Anne Coll back to Center City this summer.

I'll tell you about another exciting but more casual project nearby.

It's at 126 S. 16th St., at the corner of Moravian and two doors down from Joe's Pizza.

With a tentative name of Dan Dan, it is pegged as the flagship of a new concept featuring authentic Sichuan and Taiwanese wok-fired and steamed cuisine - for in-store dining and carry-out. 

It will have about 45 seats, and include full-service spirits, wine and beer service.

The cool connection: One of the backers is Pei "Cat" Chiang, sister of Han Dynasty founder Han Chiang, and her husband, Kevin Huang. Both are veterans of the University City Han Dynasty.

Han Chiang told me that he is looking to open a chicken wing shop of his own nearby.

They hope to open in April or May.