Beer Week's Hammer of Glory returned

Ben Franklin (portrayed by J. Ward Larkin) wielding the Hammer of Glory at 2010's Philly Beer Week.

The Hammer of Glory - the symbol of Philly Beer Week - is back a day after it was reported missing, and its finder said he found it under I-95.

Beer Week executive director Don Russell said a man carried the sledgehammer into Frankford Hall in Fishtown midday, saying he had found it. "I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt," Russell said. He notified police of its return.

The Hammer - which rides in a grand procession around the city to the opening ceremony of Philly Beer Week - had been reported missing late Saturday at Fishtown FestivALE while posing for photos.

"I didn't want to have to end Beer Week that way," Russell told me. "I'm glad that it's back."

It's due to tour Sunday - the last day of Beer Week - and then go back in its case at Standard Tap in Northern Liberties.