Getting ready to rumble

Jason Cichonski and Marcie Turney going at it.

Want a ringside seat for a fun afternoon of burger-eating?

Check out this year's edition of Burger Brawl, coming off May 6 at the Fleisher Art Memorial. It's a benefit for Meredith Elementary School.

Rouge owner and Brawl organizer Rob Wasserman has a son enrolled at the school, which will apply the money toward a computer lab. (Details here.)

Fellow parent Stuart Goldenberg of Goldenberg Photography took several neat photos of participating chefs in boxing poses. You'll see them on ads in the coming weeks.

Here is Marcie Turney of Barbuzzo squaring off against Ela's Jason Cichonski. For others, click on the gallery.

Jason might have Marcie in reach, but I'd never bet against her.