Gas for 10 cents a gallon

Spark Energy, a retail electric provider aiming to convert PECO customers, will offer gasoline for 10 cents a gallon to 100 drivers on Tuesday, March 29 at the Heilman Sunoco station at 710 Easton Road in Willow Grove.

Here's how the promo will work: First you figure out how much gas your vehicle will burn to get to and from Willow Grove. THEN you go to Spark's Facebook page at and click on "like." That will give you access to a coupon, which you will print out. Get in line, at the Ellis Road entrance, no earlier than 9:50 a.m. Tuesday. The cheap gas goes to the first 100 cars, and the promotion will shut off at noon.

The "10 cent" figure is supposedly a reminder that Spark's kilowatt-hour rate is 10 percent lower than PECO's.