Jose Garces' wurst case scenario

Chicago boy Jose Garces is bringing to town a piece of his hometown lore for his beer-and-brat house planned for the old Letto Deli at 13th and Chancellor Streets.

It will be Frohmans Wursthaus.*

A "Ferris Bueller" tribute shirt. (via

Eighties' movie buffs will recognize the "Frohman" (or Froman) name from the Windy City-set Ferris Bueller's Day Off: Ferris drops the name of "Abe Froman" -- as in, "the sausage king of Chicago" -- in a bid to score a table at a fancy restaurant.

Frohmans is on track for a late-fall opening. Garces' project at the Cira Centre, JG Domestic, is up for September.

* Post updated with corrected spelling. (h/t Foobooz)