Garage launches its indoor food truck

Mackenzie Hilton is chef at The Tavern in Washington Square West.

One of the kitschy touches of the hipster bar known as Garage (1231 E. Passyunk Ave,) was to be the regulation food truck set up inside.

The idea, as cogitated by owner Jason Evenchik, was to allow underemployed chefs a place to sell their wares, which would be paired with Garage's solid beer selection.

After six months of doing the city regulatory limbo, Evenchik is finally opening the truck. (Helps that it's the dead of winter, when every other food truck operator is dreading coming to work.)

Tuesday night (1/28) from 8 to 11, the first chef in the hot seat will be Mackenzie Hilton of The Tavern (243 S. Camac St.), who has time while her restaurant is closed due to renovations of the piano bar. (The expected reopening is Feb. 7-8.)

On the menu are pork belly and burger/cheeseburger sliders for $4 each or two for $7, served with homemade pickles. The nonmeat alternative is her mushroom black and soybean miso burger.