Old City's Franklin Fountain to expand

Franklin Fountain at 116 Market St., at the corner of Letitia St.

Franklin Fountain - the old-time, Old City ice cream destination - is expanding, taking the storefront two doors away for a shop selling packaged ice cream to go.

Cofounder Eric Berley says the takeout-only Franklin Ice Cream Bar, at 112 Market St., will be done up in 1930s Art Deco style - a few decades more moderne than the 12-year-old Franklin Fountain, at 116 Market St.

It will sell pints, quarts, and other items from freezer cases, and offer room for production for Berley and his brother Ryan.

Eric Berley says the endeavor should speed the lines at the shop.

He was unsure of the expected opening, but said it should be in the middle of ice cream season.

The Berleys are planning several Franklin Fountain operations this summer by the Delaware at Spruce Street Harbor Park, including Franklin Sugar Shack, vending a cool line of cold treats, such as real fruit ices, frozen custard, shakes, and fresh sugarcane juice.

The Berleys also own Shane Confectionery, at 110 Market St.