Franco's Osteria in the graveyard

Franco's Osteria

They should install a revolving door on the restaurant at Presidential City Apartments.

The latest casualty at 3900 City Ave. is Franco's Osteria, joining such recent failures as O'Hara's Fish House and City Grill.

Franco's Osteria opened in March 2010 with Monte Carlo Living Room alumnus Franco Faggi at the helm. He left last spring, thrusting it in the hands of partner Michael DeFilippo.

Faggi himself is a bit of a wanderer. He opened Franco's Trattoria on Ridge Avenue off Kelly Drive in 2007. After a late 2009 falling out with his landlord, he left to open the Osteria at the Presidential. Franco's Trattoria closed last March.

Faggi now owns Fiorino, a BYOB on Indian Queen Lane in East Falls.