Founding Fathers: A sports bar for South Street West

South Street West is getting ready for a little pop of openings.

There's the adorable Little Spoon Cafe, coming up very shortly on the southwest corner of 15th and South Streets.

Nov. 15 is the target date for Calexico, a Mexican cantina, on the southwest corner of 16th and South.

What the neighborhood really needs - say two restaurateurs - is a sports bar.

And that is exactly what Sam Brouwer and Jon Adler are building on the ground floor of 1612-16 South St.

Founding Fathers Sports Bar & Grill, due to open in November, will serve bar food - salads, burgers, wings, flatbreads and the like; chef Al Anderson's background includes South Philly Tap Room and Johnny Brenda's.

The look by Dimitrios Armenakis of Lance R. Kraemer Associates will be full of vintage items. Just as important: 13- big-screen TVs, and room for 15 people at the bar.

Twenty beer taps will be stocked with mostly locals and crafts.

Brouwer, brand ambassador for Catoctin Creek Distilling Company and Frecon Farms Cidery, and Adler, former owner of the erstwhile Beauty Shop Cafe nearby, say they're aiming to please the neighborhood.