Fergie's offering brunch (!)

At his bar, Fergie's Pub, Fergus Carey makes, shakes and drinks a martini and relaxes with customers on March 22, 2013. ( APRIL SAUL / Staff )

"Fergie's offers brunch."

Stop laughing.

"Everyone else is doing it, so why not?" barkeep Fergus Carey told me.

And so on Sunday, May 5, Fergie's Pub - his unapologetically downscale watering hole at 1214 Sansom St. - will add a few items to the menu, such as Irish breakfast, eggs Benedict and chicken and waffles, plus Allagash mimosas.

Enough to qualify as brunch.

The brunch dovetails nioely with Fergie's new hours; it's open at 11:30 a.m. daily, with the kitchen open till midnight.

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