End of a tomato-pie era in Trenton

A chapter in the pizza history of Trenton, N.J., ends on Saturday, April 13, as DeLorenzo's on Hamilton Avenue marks its last day after 52 years of slinging signature tomato pies.

On April 29, or thereabouts, DeLorenzo's will resurface at a former Bob Evans restaurant at 147 Sloane Ave. in Hamilton Township - about five miles away.

This location will be much larger, with regulation restrooms that don't require a walk through the kitchen to get to. Same menu, same taste. Owners say they're even bringing their ovens and will be open seven days a week and not five.

This DeLorenzo's is not to be confused with the DeLorenzo's that operated for 65 years on Hudson Street in Trenton and closed in January 2012. That branch of the family is still in business at 2350 Highway 33 in Robbinsville.

The upshot: For the first time since 1938, there will not be a DeLorenzo's in Trenton.