Empanada Alley is called off

Old City's Cuba Libre had planned to sell empanadas out of the back door on Strawberry Street, with proceeds going to charity.

It's not happening.

In a statement, co-owner Barry Gutin says: "We’ve decided not to open Empanada Alley at the back of our restaurant because of neighborhood concerns that it would bring more people and noise to Strawberry Street after hours. We recently learned there are a few families living in the buildings surrounding our back door, including one with a set of 10-month-old twins, whose sleep we do not wish to disturb. As a long-standing member of the Old City business community, we want to be considerate and responsive to our neighbors. We will go on to feature Empanada Alley as a mobile operation and continue to raise awareness and funds for CORE. Thank you for your excitement and please follow Empanada Alley on Twitter (@EmpAlley) for more information about appearances at the upcoming Night Markets and other locations.”

Originally, Empanada Alley planned to offer late-night food from a room inside Cuba Libre’s back door on weekend nights with profits benefitting Children of Restaurant Employees, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization with benefactors from hospitality operator and supplier industries that provides special support to the children of restaurant employees.