Elton Brand settles

The new Casa Brand, in a Realtor's photo.

The 76ers' Elton Brand plans to be here for a while. He settled last month on a spread on the Main Line, as I reported Sunday. The sale price was $3.35 million for a six-bedroom, nine-bath stone mansion on 4.3 acres in Gladwyne, according to Montgomery County records.

The house, used in the 1990 shooting of Rocky V, has an indoor pool.

Just after Brand left the L.A. Clippers, he put his three-bedroom, 3½-bath house in the Hollywood Hills on the market for a shade under $5 million. Earlier this month, the price dropped by $200,000.

Elton lives with his wife, Shahara, but the deeds are recorded in his name and his mother's name.

In other former-star-Philly-athlete-related real estate, both Allen Iverson's and Terrell Owens' former homesteads remain on the market.