Eli Kulp is a Food & Wine best new chef

Food & Wine's Dana Cowin in a celebratory selfie with chef Eli Kulp.

Quite a year for Eli Kulp of Old City's Fork.

Let's see...

He and Ellen Yin opened High Street on Market next door. Major hit. Three bells.

He and Yin just took over the management of a.kitchen and a.bar on Rittenhouse Square.

And this morning, Food & Wine named him one of the best new chefs in the country. F&W editor in chief Dana Cowin revealed the chefs by posting selfies with each in her Instagram feed.

"New" is a relative term, methinks, given that Kulp is 36 years old and has been a professional chef since he was 14.

Food & Wine will announce results of public "best new chef" voting on April 2.

How is he feeling? "I'm just happy to be able to say it now," he said. "I've had to keep it a secret for so long. I'm very honored and excited for my entire team. It means a lot for everyone. A lot of people have worked really hard for me to get the recognition."

"We'll celebrate today [at a New York City party] and tomorrow we go back to work."