Eat this now: Cemita from Keg & Kitchen

Cemitas at Keg & Kitchen: Beef at left, chicken at right.

Keg & Kitchen  in Westmont has been steadily ramping up its food.

Helping drive this are the two chefs in Kevin and Janet Meeker's kitchen: 

Michael O'Meara, who has consulted with the Meekers for awhile, and Phil Manganaro, an alum of Il Pittore in Rittenhouse Square. The menu has gone more to the comfort-food side, with such dishes shepherd's pie and chicken pot pie.

People are really going for the cemita.

It's a sandwich akin to the Mexican Big Mac - tavern ham, guacamole, panela (also known as Oaxaca cheese), shaved red onion, chipotle mayo, lettuce  and tomato, layered on a brioche-like round roll that the Meekers order from a bakery in Camden that Kevin won't identify.

Thing feeds two, comes with fries, and sells for $14.

Your only decision is whether to get it topped with house-smoked beef brisket or fried chicken.