Earthquake benefit at Le Virtù

Owners of Le Virtù in South Philly are organizing an event on Tuesday, April 28th, with all proceeds going directly to the victims of the earthquake in Abruzzo. Francis Cratil says he will charge a minimum price, serve buffet-style and perhaps tent the patio and garden, all to maximize space and capacity.

Cratil writes: "L'Aquila, the city worst affected by the quake, was our home (with our Jack Russells) for 6 months in 2001. We've spent significant time in the town every year since 1999. Our time there changed our lives: there would be no restaurant without L'Aquila and the beautiful people there who were our friends and neighbors. All our friends, all the shopkeepers whose places we frequented, are homeless or worse. Since Sunday night we've been in contact with friends and family by phone and email, and the aftershocks, the fear and the destruction continue. It is all unspeakably sad and devastating."

I'll post the particulars when available.