Drunken doughnuts

Gingersnap cookie, strawberry rhubarb pie, and root beer float doughnuts.

Booze for breakfast?

Craft spirits maker Art in the Age has teamed up with South Philly's Federal Donuts shop on a limited-edition line of doughnuts inspired by Art in the Age's ROOT, SNAP and RHUBY.

I have been assured that the doughnuts - ROOT beer float with vanilla icing, gingerSNAP cookie with cookie crumbs on top, and strawberry RHUBarb pie with a rhubarb glaze, pie-crust crumble and strawberry icing - actually contain the spirits.

FedNuts (1219 S. Second St.) has 'em on the menu through April 29. They're $2 each, $20 a dozen.

Tasting note: Sweet. I mean, teeth-chattering.