Comedy Central's 'Drunk History' shooting at McGillin's

Christopher Mullins Sr. owner of McGillin's, the oldest continuously running tavern in Philadelphia. McGillin's is located at 1310 Drury St. in center city Philadelphia. Photograph from Friday morning March 8, 2013. (Alejandro A. Alvarez / Staff Photographer)

Drunk History - the Comedy Central show that features inebriated people telling tales from history, which are then re-enacted by A-list actors - will be filming at McGillin’s Olde Ale House (1310 Drury St.) on Saturday night, Jan. 11.

"Booze helps bring out the truth of our nation's history," the show's blurb reads. "It's just that sometimes that truth involves hitting on airport bar janitors or eating cheese fries at 4 a.m."

Show up at 7 p.m. or so to meet host Derek Waters. It will run late.