Doug Kammerer's farewell

Doug Kammerer (right) with CBS3 colleagues (from left) Bob Kelly, Dave Huddleston, Nicole Brewer, Liz Keptner, and Chris May. (Photo: CARRIE HOWARD KELLY)

Meteorologist Doug Kammerer's last day on the air at CBS3 will be Aug. 17 as he prepares for a big new job as chief met at the NBC station in Washington, D.C.

He'll start there Aug. 23, which happens to be the first day on the air for CBS3 morning-anchor hire Erika von Tiehl, who has just moved to Philly from Miami.

Dozens of CBS3ers past and present (as well as Justin Pizzi from NBC10) feted Kammerer and his wife, Holly, on Thursday night at the Kite & Key, a tap near the station.

Kammerer, who grew up in Fairfax County, Va., has been in town since 2003 when he joined NBC10. He and his wife (who represented the great state of Indiana in the 1996 Miss USA Pageant) have two kids.