Does this bank robbery suspect look familiar?

Suspect in the bank robbery.

The FBI has released photos of a guy who tried to hold up a Bank of America branch near K&A at 11:35 this morning, and ...


Look closely...

Could that be ...?

"I could have done it. I have no alibi," WYSP morning man Danny Bonaduce told me. "I left the station at 11:10 and it's a four-block walk to my house."

Michael "Metro" Cerio, Bonaduce's producer, said: I can't vouch for his whereabouts at 11:35."

The FBI says the subject gave a note to a teller, fled the bank before obtaining any cash, and was last seen heading eastbound on foot on Allegheny Avenue. The subject was described as a white male in his mid 30s, thin or skinny build, with a closely cropped thin beard and mustache, wearing a black knit wool cap, dark sunglasses, a plaid flannel jacket or heavy lined shirt, and blue jeans.

Bonaduce, who said he was talking to his financial adviser on the other line, suggested that a police fingerprint expert and sketch artist come by the station tomorrow.