District 611 to reopen as District

District 611 in Riverton features an open kitchen with pizza oven. RYAN S. GREENBERG / Staff Photographer

District 611 - the high-minded Riverton pizza-centric restaurant that closed in May after six months - is planning a comeback at the hands of Jim Brandenburger, the developer.

As Brandenburger told Cinnaminson Patch on Monday, he plans to make it more accessible to families with kids and said he'd bring in unspecified outside management.

In a later interview, he told me that he plans to rename it simply District and has enlisted the managerial services of Ken Merriman, who co-created Tir Na Nog in Center City, and Tim Maher. (The "611" in the name was a nod to Route 611's being Broad Street in Philadelphia. District is at 710 Broad St. Get it?)

District's menu will still be based on pizza; the place has its own dough room and a big-bellied pizza oven in the dining room.

Asked about the failure of District 611 - run by several veterans of the Stephen Starr universe - Brandenburger sighed.

"There was probably five different reasons," he said. Naming a couple: "We didn't appeal to families enough. Local people would come in but not as often as they might. Kids dictate where you go out to eat. Also, it was overly managed. The Starr way of management builds in a lot of redundancy. By the time we realized that, it was too late to change it. We'll fix that aspect but keep the same quality."

He insisted that Riverton's being dry did not affect business.

Brandenburger said he expected to reopen about Sept. 1.