Dirty Laundry Kitchen hosting a pop-up

Like many off-premises caterers, Barrett Bridenhagen of Dirty Laundry Kitchen wanted a way to showcase her work for potential customers.

Friend Zofia Wleklinski knows the owners of Betty's Speakeasy (2241 Grays Ferry Ave.), who are preparing to close the place for personal reasons.

Starting today and through the end of the month, Bridenhagen is running a pop-up restaurant at Betty's as a guest-chef of Liz Begosh and Dylan Snow.

Bridenhagen, 33, who lives in Old City, is relatively new to professional catering, though she started creating dinner parties as a teen in northern Wisconsin.

All through her law career (public health), she cooked for friends and family, blogged about simple yet elegant entertaining, and even took a management job at Salumeria in Reading Terminal Market to learn the cheese world. (She also teaches at Penn.)

"As a lawyer, I'm risk-averse. It took me time to work up the courage to do this full time," she said.

She coined the name "Dirty Laundry Kitchen" by combining her memories of a perfect meal at the French Laundry in the Napa Valley with the urban issue of having your laundry share space with your kitchen or the bathroom. (Further explanation here.)

The pop-up -a fixed-price $55 for dinner, $25 for brunch - runs nine days.

Menus and details are here.