Dining odds and ends

  • The pizzas should be coming out of the oven this weekend (as in Saturday 8/29) at the new SliCE at 1740 Sansom St. Weekend hours are 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Official opening will be Monday 8/31. Here's more info.
  • Fond, the BYOB from Le Bec-Fin/Rittenhouse Hotel vets on East Passyunk, is opening Monday night 8/31. Info here and here
  • Famous 4th Street Deli's new spot at 38 S. 19th St. is now looking to open midweek (9/1 or 9/2).
  • MaGerks, a sports bar replacing the Bent Elbo in Fort Washington, is aiming at the latter half of September.
  • Zama, the Japanese spot under construction at the former Loie (128 S. 19th St.), has been cleared for its liquor license. It's up for a fall opening.
  • Jolly's Rockin' Piano Bar, coming to 2006 Chestnut St. in late September/early October, will use the kitchen services of Brendan Smith of the nearby Smiths.
  • Drama on Thursday night at Bibou, the very fine French BYO in South Philly: A blackout. Neighbors provided candles so chef Pierre Calmels could finish feeding his full house. Other patrons were sent to the nearby James, which classily allowed Bibou patrons to BYO. Check out Sunday's Inquirer for Craig LaBan's review.
  • Also in Sunday's Inquirer, I explain the rash of openings and closings. And food nerds will want to scope out a couple notes of interest: The name of Jose Garces' new place (the BYO cafe at 1111 Locust that will be shared with the LCB) and an idea that's been rolling through Stephen Starr's mind.
  • On a side note, postings here will be fewer and farther between for a while. I'm getting married this weekend.