DiNic's bags Carangi rolls in favor of Sarcone

Carangi roll at top; Sarcone roll at bottom. PHILLY.COM

Change is good, right?

But when someone's on top, does he change? 

Take Tommy and Joe Nicoli at DiNic's. In August, Adam Richman named the DiNic's roast pork sandwiich the best in the America.

Starting yesterday, the Nicolosis changed roll suppliers - letting go Carangi in favor of Sarcone. As I reported in this morning's Inquirer, this was brewing for at least six weeks. In fact, both bakeries' rolls were served at the Reading Terminal Market stand as an experiment.

The Sarcone roll is an inch or so longer. The Sarcone roll is lighter, so both weigh about the same.

The reason for the change was tied more to a friendship among the bread supplier, the Nicolisis and Sarcone's than to a quality issue with Carangi. (Carangi supplies John's Roast Pork, which also produces a superior sandwich.)


Do you agree with DiNic's decision to switch roll bakeries from Carangi to Sarcone's?

Of course what's inside the roll matters plenty, and nothing has changed at DiNic's.

My own impression: The Carangi roll is spongier and can better withstand travel time - say if you're carrying one home on the train and exposing your seatmates to the incredible aroma. Sandwiches made on a Sarcone roll are best consumed soon after they're made.

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