Denzel Washington stops at Rita's


Denzel Washington stunned staff by stopping at the Rita's* at Island and Passyunk Avenues with an aide and a bodyguard, and he let on that he is staying here this summer.

Washington has a soft spot for Philadelphia -- the city, if not the Oscar-winning movie he shot here in late 1992 with Tom Hanks.

His son Malcolm has enrolled at the University of Pennsylvania, while his daughter (and Malcolm's twin) Olivia is attending college on the East Coast.

For the record, Washington gave the kid at the counter $50 for two cherry gelati and said, "Keep the change."

Quick-thinking Rita's employee Nageena Abdullah-Johnson, a student at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, said she grabbed her camera from her bag, and Washington took a photo of them with his left hand.


* Out-of-towners: Rita's is a franchise that sells water ice, which you may know as Italian ice.