Denim to become Whisper

What was Denim Lounge on the second floor of 1712 Walnut St. will open Friday (10/15) as Whisper, a private club open Thursdays through Saturdays.

And though the website says nothing yet, I can say it will have six bars and three lounges offering bottle service amid an atmosphere of dramatic lighting, mirrors and sound. General manager is Denim alumnus Chris Nork


Decor highlights

  • Deep eggplant walls with antique mirrors and tufted sofas
  • 400-square-foot dance floor, above which is a tiered series of three platforms including the DJ booth, stage area accommodating live performances and VIP bottle service and a glass floor dance booth
  • 150-inch clear holographic rigid HD projection screen surrounded by a Victorian brass frame reflecting a custom-built modern-aluminum chandelier that hangs above 65 feet of etched concrete front bar
  • $250,000 lighting system anchored by iconic “W” shaped polished aluminum box truss, and surrounded by krypton lights, strobe lighting, lasers, and high-resolution LED tiles
  • 50-seat VIP area, covered with reflective latex imported from France, allowing guests to catch a glimpse of themselves and other patrons.
  • Private lounge called “Shhh.”
  • Entire building lined in material to create a noise barrier.
  • Security team of at least 20 people with 35 surveillance cameras throughout the interior and exterior of the property.
  • No sneakers, work-boots, hats, T-shirts, and athletic gear allowed.