Cronuts and the American way

Cronuts, that cross between a croissant and a doughnut, at Swiss Haus Bakery.

Supply and demand, the entrepreneurial spirit, sugar, butter, cream and flour have collided, and the result is a sticky mess. recounts the story of how Wayne's Royal Cafe began selling cronuts.

Invented by NYC's Dominique Ansel, the portmanteau pastries meld a croissant and a doughnut, and seem to be more popular among traffic-hungry bloggers (!) than by actual fanciers of baked goods.

Royal was selling them for $9.43 each. That's $10, tax included.

The Royal Cafe's Torpekay Habashzada was buying them from Swiss Haus Bakery in Center City for $5 each, and justifying the steep freight by saying she was saving people a trip into the city.

When Swiss Haus owner Jim Hausman caught wind of the tactic, he cut off Royal Cafe.

No cronuts for you!

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