Countdown to Famous 4th Street's new spot

Russ Cowan of Famous 4th Street Deli tells me that he's hoping for a health inspection next week for his second location, at 38 S. 19th St., which was last Ashoka Palace and Bootsie's.

"So figure on two weeks from now," he says.

This will be the 19th restaurant opening for the Brooklyn-born deli man. He opened the Kibitz Room in Cherry Hill and opened an outpost, Kibitz in the City, at 7th and Chestnut. Then he bought David Auspitz out of Famous (4th and Bainbridge). Cowan then sold Kibitz in the City and -- still with me? -- sold Cherry Hill to his manager Neil Parish.

Several months ago, Parish opened a second Kibitz Room at 1521 Locust St.